November 23, 2014

Rejuvenique Intensive Oil by MONAT

Bonjour tout le monde! Are you excited to read my review on the MONAT Rejuvenique Intensive Oil?

I received a sample of the luxury hair oil by MONAT from iFabbo for review about a month or so ago, and I really wanted to test it out so that I could give the most accurate review.

I must say, it is like liquid gold, and leaves your hair shiny (not oily) and healthy. I prefer to use the oil on my scalp about thirty minutes before showering, so that all of the nutrients have had time to penetrate my scalp and make sure my scalp is good and healthy. Luckily I don't have oily or dry hair, it is a good mixture of both. Putting a few drips in your palm goes a long way and before you know it, you have some healthy hair that looks amazing!

MONAT was founded in 2014 by Mr Luis Urdaneta and family in the USA and is part of a group of companies that includes L'EUDINE  Global, a successful 14 year old Direct Selling company of premium beauty and wellness products with distribution in Latin America and North America.

It is the underlying harmony between nature and scientific technologies of our times that inspired the name MONAT.

The key ingredient in the Rejuvenique Oil Intensive is Abyssinian. This comes from the crame abyssinica plant native to central Africa, it is rare and has a unique combination of fatty acids which are prized for their ability to do everything from mimic the effects of silicon for unbeatable shine; lubricate the hair deep into the follicles; and protect and coat each strand.

I definitely recommend this product, and it would be a great gift for the holidays, talk about a great stalking stuffer.

So, what do you think about this product? Would you try it?

November 20, 2014

What's Trending In Skincare: Probiotics

"Probiotics are beneficial bacteria or yeast -- organisms that offer multiple benefits to the human body," according to Dr Roshini Raj, a gastroenterologist and founder of TULA, a line of skin care featuring probiotic technology.

Probiotics can come in many forms such as yogurt, Kefir, and supplements. These probiotic organisms actually can reduce gut inflammation when consumed and restore the lining of the intestines. But today, we are talking all about skin care!

I received the "4 Piece Deluxe Discovery Set" to review and I have to say it is a great deal. You get the Purifying Face Cleanser, Hydrating Day & Night Cream, Illuminating Face Serum, and the Revitalizing Eye Cream. It is kind of like getting a sample of everything before you dedicate your time (and money) to any collection of products.

The TULA line is fabulous and I will already be making an order of the full sized products. I do not know if this is the skin care product that I have been searching for or what, but my skin feels so smooth and more luminous and not to mention the moisturizer feels so light. I already feel like ditching my old skin care products and just purchasing this right away (oops, already did that, sorry Dermalogica!)

I typically do not like buying products from the same company when they are in a set, but this isn't your average company like Proactiv for example.

My favorite item from the product line is the illuminating serum! As I am walking to class everyday in the 20 degree weather, my face can become rather dull and dry, but as I have been using this I haven't had a problem with that at all. Aside from that I never have combined a serum and a moisturizer before because I thought it would make me look like a greasy mess, but when I use the illuminating serum and hydrating night & day cream together, it looks natural. It doesn't look like I have anything on my face and my face feels hydrated and most importantly healthy.

For the best results, I recommend you use the products in the following order.

1. Purifying Face Cleanser
2. Illuminating Serum
3. Hydrating Day & Night Cream
4. Revitalizing Eye Cream 

Of course you could switch number two and three but that's just the way I like to use it.

“The American Academy of Dermatoloy has called probiotics one of the new beauty breakthroughs as they’ve been shown to help with clearer skin, decreased skin sensitivity, redness, and inflammation,” Dr. Raj says. “You may also see a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increased elasticity.” 

Dr. Raj is a firm believer in probiotics and has since created this amazing line of skin care that I feel like I can actually trust and believe that it was made to actually improve the balance of my body. Interestingly enough, in Sanskrit, TULA means balance.

Rating: 4 out of 5

FTC: I received this product for review and all opinions are mine.

November 13, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Trailer

The wait is over! The steamy, sensual and ever intriguing second trailer for the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey," is finally here. Did I say it was steamy? Well, I should've said very steamy. Anastasia and Christian break out in a sultry, passionate make-out sesh that people only dream of, leading to Christian revealing his "secret" to Anna. 

You know you want to see it, here it is!

How To Buy A Wig With Wigsbuy

It's amazing how easy it is to change up your hairstyle with the use of a wig. Wigs have been around since the ancient times believe it or not and have only become increasingly popular as time has went on; first being worn as a fashion accessory or symbol of status around 1675.

At Wigsbuy, you have thousands of options of wigs to purchase from. Many of which are human hair, so you they will last longer and can have hair products used on them (this especially important if you actually want to style the wig with heat). 

This hairstyle worn by Rachel Weiss is very on trend. It even reminds me of the hair Anastasia is wearing in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie (only Rachel's is fuller and groomed to perfection). I find this look to be very classic and the best part is, you can wear it when you feel like it, so skip the hair cut and just throw on this hair piece. Offered in over twenty colors, you will definitely find you perfect color on this list. 

There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from, and many are inspired by the looks of celebrities. This one for instance is inspired by recording artist Ciara's hairstyle. It is so much easier to purchase a wig and try out a look versus going to a salon and taking a risk, possibly hating how your look has turned out. 

How to Buy a Wig

1. Now the length and texture you want. You do not want to purchase something too short or too long or that has a texture that doesn't match you. Unless of course, you are going for a dramatic look. 

2. What hairstyle are you going for? Knowing what you want will keep the process smooth and easy. There are many from a bob to layered or a pixie cut. 

3. Get fitted for a cap. You can't just flop a wig on top of your head (I can't lie, it would look hilarious) you need to get one that fits your head properly and will make you natural hair as flat and evenly shaped as possible.

4. Human hair vs Synthetic. There are pros and cons to both but human hair tends to last longer and will get you your moneys worth. But with new advancements in the processing of wigs, there are now synthetic wigs that look and feel just like human hair. 

5. COLOR! This may be the most important tip! The color definitely needs to match your complexion. A good wig can look horrendous if the color is off. You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a wig that you won't even wear because you hate the color. So choose wisely! 

November 10, 2014

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review

My skin has been going through a whirlwind of changes lately. Living in a new city, not eating insanely healthily every single day and being outside more has made all the difference both negatively and positively (mostly negative though). So needless to say, my skin has been fluctuating between amazing and the occasional break out every now and then. 

Having sensitive skin, I was a bit hesitant to try out this microfoliant because I typically only use one kind of exfoliating scrub that I feel isn't working so well anymore. So, I wanted to give this a try. I read some reviews about the product and ultimately decided that I would try it out. I was still kind of confused as to what it is because I have never used a powdered based cleanser before but I was being a bit spontaneous and went for it.

Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant is a powder based exfoliating scrub. This exfoliating powder is rice-based and upon contact with water, it releases papain, salicylic acid and rice enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead skin cells. 

On the Dermalogica site, the product has a 4.8 out of 5 stars (wow, right?) but I personally have to give it a 3 out of 5. It doesn't wow me, and seems like everything else out there already, but I will continue to use it and give you guys any more updates. But, a major positive about this product for me is that, it is perfect for travel. If you spill it, your clothes won't be ruined and you can save the tears of sadness. 

This is what it looks like outside of the container, just add a little water and you are good to go. You probably could use less than what I used, but I tend to be a little heavy handed to my dismay. 

FTC: Product courtesy of iFabbo

November 7, 2014

The Best of the CMA Awards

The CMA Awards (Country Music Association Awards) aired on November 5th and boasted some of the biggest names in Country music. One of the biggest wins of the night was Miranda Lambert winning Female Artist of the Year Award as well as Album of the Year for her album "Platinum"

Kellie Pickler 
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

 Frankie Ballard
Larry Busacca via Getty Images
Carrie Underwood
Larry Busacca via Getty Images
Lucy Hale 
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban 
Michael Loccisano via Getty Images

Which look is your favorite?

Find more looks 'here'

Apprenez le Français avec Très Charmant: Lesson 1

Bonjour! Et bienvenue à apprenez le français avec Très Charmant.

So, I some of you have been asking for me to do French lessons on my blog, so I find it only fitting to do so because I love the language very much. I will have many lessons to make sure they aren't full of too much content, and easy to understand.

Before learning any new foreign language, you must first begin with the alphabet, because how would you be able to speak if you couldn't pronounce anything?

Greetings! - Salutations!

  • Salut! - Hi! and or Bye! (informal)
  • Bonjour! - Hello! (formal); you can use this all day or also to say Good Morning.
  • Ça va? How's it going? or It's going fine!  (to a friends, familiar, or someone younger than you) To remember this, remember that you can use it as a question and as an answer.
  • Comment ça va? - What's up? / How's it going? (informal)
  • Comment allez-vous? - How are you? (formal)
  • Comment vas-tu? - How are you? (informal)
  • Tu t'appelles comment? - What's your name? (informal)
  • Comment t'appelles-tu? - What's your name? (informal)
  • Comment vous appelez-vous? - What's your name? (formal)
These are some basic phrases to get you going in French. Make sure to use them appropriately so that you are not seen as rude or impolite. *If you guys have any tips on how you want the lessons to be structured, tell me in the comments, I have never done this before and would love some feedback!

Next lesson, I will have some vocabulary (vocabulaire)! 

À la prochaine fois! - Until next time!