October 6, 2014

Fall Shades

Fall Shades

Even though it tends to get darker during the fall/winter seasons, a little shade never hurt anyone. So, the more unexpected sunnies for fall/winter the better! I try not to stay confined to wearing dark sunnies throughout the winter time, although they are my favorite, because it is fun to switch it up from time to time. That being said, I also put in some funky, cool shades that are great for the new season. 

Word of the day: lunettes de soleil - sunglasses

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October 3, 2014

The Edit

Fashion Finds of the Week

Word of the day: soirée - evening

September 29, 2014

Agnès B Live at Paris Fashion Week

Tune in at 4:30 AM CST or 11:30h French time to see Agnès B's presentation!

À bientôt - See you soon!

Mix Tape - Dev, Zedd, Franklin, & James Vincent McMorrow

Bonjour mes amis!

I am finally continuing my songs of the week after a long hiatus, and I hope you all enjoy these songs. Let me know if you any songs that you like and I will check them out, because I am in desperate need of some new tracks to listen to on my way to class.

P.S. I have finally come up with the perfect writing schedule, so expect to see more articles coming soon. Bis Bis xo.

At the popular demand of some Twitter folk, they want me to begin posting lessons on French, I think it will be fairly interesting and informative, so watch out for it.

Word of the day: mes amis - my friends

First Impressions: How To Get Away With Murder

I do not know if you all have had a chance to watch ABC's new show How To Get Away With Murder, but if you haven't, you should! It is full of drama, a crazy intimidating law professor/defense attorney and law students willing to do anything to gain a spot in the law firm of Annalise Keating, the successful defense attorney and professor.

If you have not seen the show, do not read below, spoilers!

The show starts showing Keating's top four students trying to get rid of a body, which is revealed to be Keating's husband. That particular scene took place three month after their start of class, and I am assuming it is Keating putting them up for a task, or maybe it was the students own conspiring; but only time will tell.

Some say this show is the new Scandal, but I do not think so. If such a comparison should be made, I think it should be considered the new and improved Scandal. I know that Scandal is a huge hit and all, but you can only tell a beaten story so many times. Plus, the whole sleeping around with the president is so cliché. But in the words of Wendy Williams, "I will be watching." Any-who, the drama shows the lengths at which the students will go to win over Keating; one illegally gained a copy of a clients medical records, another slept with someone for emails and another student is dating an associate at Keating's firm, but I still can't discern her motive behind dating him.

There is an oddity in the group though, and his name is Wes. He is the stereotypical underprepared student on the first day of class that everyone sees as a slacker, but comes back to win the prize, or in this case, a job with a prestigious law firm.

I don't want to give away much more, so I will let those details draw you in, but I do highly recommend the show. And, this show is definitely not the new Scandal!

Word of the day: scandale - scandal

September 22, 2014

An Accident Of Birth

I usually don't post these kinds of things, but I found this story, a true story in fact to be very interesting and beautiful. It was written by one of my friends, Maham Khan, and I wanted to share it with my readers. Enjoy!
“Home is where the heart is.” I have seen this cliché again and again – plastered on classroom walls, an image of a house underneath; cleverly printed on a coffee mug with the same aforementioned photograph– and I hate it. While I do understand the profundity of this quote, it is not the message I hate, but rather; the way this vital lesson is interpreted categorically. For instance, being a Pakistani-American, the concept of “Home” has never been concrete; and as I have gotten older it has only become more complex. However, since I never adapted to the typical idea of home – i.e. a simple building – my boundaries have extended to numerous countries, including some I have never visited. Which is why today, my heart lies all around the world.